Are Widows of Wartime Veterans eligible for VA Aid and Attendance Benefits and why haven’t I hear about this benefit?

Yes. Widows of Wartime Veterans are eligible for the same VA Aid and Attendance Benefits as their spouse except the maximum VA Aid and Attendance Benefit is limited to $1,057 per month.
The VA has estimated that only one in six Widows who are eligible for this benefit are actually receiving it. The other five just don’t know this benefit exists or that they are eligible for it. Why is this. Many times when a Veteran or Widow goes to the local Veteran’s office and asks if they qualify for any benefits the first question they are asked is “Did the Veteran have a service connected disability?” Most people in the Veteran’s office deal with lots of Service Connected Disability claims and many times just don’t think about VA Aid and Attendance which is not a Service Connected benefit. It is a Pension Benefit for Wartime Veterans, even those who were not injured or disabled in a War. Most of the time the person in the VA office just forgets this benefit exists and fails to tell the Veteran or his widow about the benefit. For widows who do qualify for this benefit the process can take 3 to 9 months before she receives her first check. Even though the benefit is relatively easy to qualify for, anyone wanting to apply for this benefit should seek the advice of an Elder Law Attorney knowledgeable about VA Benefits to see if you have any “disqualifying factors” that need to be corrected before you apply. Remember the people in the Veteran’s office cannot give you legal advice or tell you how to correct any “disqualifying factors” you may have. They may submit an application for VA Aid and Attendance they suspect or know will not qualify. Get help from an Elder Law Attorney to correct any “disqualifying factors” you may have before you apply. Get the benefits your spouse has earned and are you entitled to.

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