What are the income limitations to receive VA Aid and Attendance Benefits?

The rules do have income limitations but this is not a gross taxable income limitation and it is not a net taxable income limitation but it is a net income limitation after all “unreimbursed medical expenses” which can include in home care and the monthly cost of an Assisted Living Facility. Therefore the income limitation can be controlled by the Veteran because the Veteran directly controls how much he is spending on in home care or how much he is spending to live in an Assisted Living Facility. If after all “unreimbursed medical expenses” are paid the Veteran has less than $1950 per month, if married or $1650 per month, if single, the VA Aid and Attendance Benefits will pay the veteran enough money raise his monthly income after deducting all “unreimbursed medical expenses” up to the minimum amount of $1950 or $1650.

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